Terry Asphalt Hauling & Grading, Inc.

At Terry Asphalt Hauling & Grading, Inc., our professional staff provides an honest work ethic and excellent customer service from the beginning to the end of your project. We’re experts in our field and value your business. Our highly trained employees know how to drive on a golf course; using specialized equipment lets us do the job right the first time and puts less ground pressure on the turf – so getting in and out of your work site with the least amount of disturbance to the golf course is a breeze. Great workmanship and excellent products make us the company for you.

Terry Asphalt Hauling & Grading, Inc., is a third generation family-owned-and-operated business. Starting out in the 1970’s with a driveway asphalt company, we saw demand for golf course contracting and invested in specialized equipment to meet the business need in 1986. We enjoy being the best in our field. Being an industry leader in golf course asphalt construction, we continue to grow our business reaching out to more golf courses.